boost your skin radiance

Every women dream of a radiant skin and of an even and luminous complexion this is why Académie Scientifique de Beauté has developed two new apricot skincare products to give your skin an irresistible radiance.

The fluid and high vitamin texture of the 8H Radiance Serum thus instantly illuminates the complexion. The skin is revitalized and benefits from a long lasting hydration, the skin grain is refined, the complexion recovers its radiance.

Fresh like a sorbet but rich like a butter, the Radiance Aqua Balm maintains an optimal level of moisture and reduces shine. The skin regains an incomparable radiance, an irresistible radiance.

THE BIG PLUS: the anti-pollution active ingredient of this radiance duo that helps the skin to protect itself against external factors, smoothes the cutaneous microrelief and helps fix make-up.

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